Victory On Migrator and Fog


Edit: All leaders were in a meeting along with other important owners so it wasn’t organized and we go low sizes

Hello Dcp Troops 

Sad day for Pirates but awesome day for us we defended our capitol and we won and we also won there capitol here are the pics!!

iMAGE 13

Image 14

we won both servers (Migrator and fog)

Image 1

We Do look Good In Orange

Image 2

We also Look Sexy In Orange

Image 3

Doritos Love Pizza

Image 4

Sometimes We eat to much Pizza and end up throwing up

Image 5

We Like To Say Hello To Our Enemies

Image 7

Sometimes We Get Gassy After Eating Pizza

Image 8

We like to play Games

Image 9

We like Eating Doritos With Coffee

Anyways This Is A really good song

Also Im Your New Leader!!! And Pirates: This is only the beginning and get ready to go to hell

Your Leader


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