Summit is Safe!

Hello, Troops!

Today we proved to everyone, that DCP always gets back on our feet no matter what! We also defended our capital during UK friendly timing while Pirates failed greatly.

Shout out to Waterkid for making DCP grow 5x bigger by declaring war on us! 😆

^Circled Town^ [No rouges due to Summit being EMPTY]

^Pirates, who’s walking the plank now?^

^That Pirate must be lost, there’s no booty around here, Only Doritos!^

^Club Penguin doesn’t have tea, only coffee!^

^Pirates, UMADBRAH!?!^

^Waterkids racist and evil actions make us wanna puke^

^3 vs. 25^

^Pirates are PUFFLE EATERS!^

➡ Thanks to everyone who came, promotions will be given out!

Dom’s said:

 “This is a full scale war and the Doritos better watch out.”

If this is what you call a full scale war, I feel bad for you. [3 penguins on cp] 😆

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


4 Responses

  1. I was there. Good job today Doritos! Thanks to special Guests Albert and Funks!

  2. Long Live DCP!

  3. Nice Job guys. 30+ AGAIN :O. Good job to you all and to musta for great leadership, Miss you,good bye. PS:NICE

  4. […] Results of last battle can be viewed HERE […]

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