Leadership Elections

Hello, Troops!

I was REALLY impressed with our owners recruiting today, so I have decided to make some major changes. I also have made Fuzzy a 3ic. He’s a new troop and he recruited alot so he deserves it!

We went from like 5 on chat to 22 on chat from recruiting and we got a bunch of new troops while ST was wasting their time on our land. Anyways, on with the point.

I have decided to make a leaders poll, and even if you don’t win you still have another chance, I’ll make another poll very soon.


  • No fighting
  • Have fun
  • No cheating
  • No bribing

Remember, another poll soon so don’t give up hope if you lose this one!


Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


8 Responses

  1. FERST!!1!1!!1!!1!

  2. Musta
    why am I not in you bastard

    • 13<3

      • Greetings sir, i am sorry for the previous misunderstanding on the password propaganda.Please accept my token of appreciation,an im sorry. I have been main for the past 2 months when i was lit. Bam gave me the pass when you were on your break. I am very sorry,please add me back to the website. Please respond as well. Thank you. ❤

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