Hello DCP.

I am back.

I did not leave you, no. I did something that I had to do…

See, DCP.

DCP will not die, and it cannot die, ever. It is our responsibility to keep it alive. DCP isn’t an army, its a way of life. See, underneath all our proxies, VPN’s and all other accounts and stuff, we are all people. And I would fight alongside you in real life and virtually in Club Penguin. DCP soldiers and leaders are one of a kind, a special breed of warriors.

And a message to those who dare question our capabilities; DCP will fight. We will keep our name feared and respected, you will die. We will set fire to your empire and watch it burn. DCP is the army to be in, we are laid back and stuff, but mess with us, you will die. DCP is strong.

DCP forever.


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  1. Welcome back, haven’t talked to you in a while.

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