Slacking off? Pay for your mistakes

Hello, DCP!

We’re at the point that we might march off into another war, and when that happens we must be fully prepared to withstand anything those evil armies decide to throw at us.

Therefore, me and Carter have decided to reset the ranks, whoever comes to this weeks events will have their ORIGINAL ranks back.

For example: I was 4ic, the ranks reset, and I came to every event, and now I’m 4ic again.


good luck, troops!

True doritos don’t quit no matter WHAT HAPPENS. So, lets just see who’s the true doritos.

Just to sum it down for you guys;

Everyone is private rank until I notice improvement, I know we are capable of 30+ without rouges, cause we did it during the war, more then once. I believe you guys are just being lazy, so lets do this guys!

Always continue marching on, never look back!

Until later,

March on!

Mustapha10 DCP Main leader & Legend


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