My retirement

I need to take a needed break from DCP.

I may return in the near future. I have accomplished a lot in Doritos. I have led Doritos to 6th. I can actually say i led one of the best armies in Club Penguin Army history. I have led and witnessed the best of the best. I have shared many great memories with all of the troops and leaders. This army has treated me well,and i respect you all for that. Doritos will always be the #1 army,don’t listen to CPAC or other people or other armies. We are the best of the best. We have accomplished so many things,and i’m glad i got to witness some of it. I joined Doritos March 31st 2012. They had this thing called the “Mod test”. You needed to recruit 5 people in under 10 minutes to obtain the rank of moderator. I tried the challenge and succeeded in the end. I was the lowest mod rank for 1 week. Then i became 4ic just in time for 3ic elections. I had the most votes,but i was accused of cheating so i lost. Then came the 3ic recruiting contest for mods,i recruited over 60 people,right aside me was scientistking a threat to me throughout my career in Doritos. Me being a n00b in all believed something wwebestfan said. “I win the recruiting contest”,Wwe said. I thought to myself;”this is an outrage,how can he do this”. It wasn’t true so of course sci won getting the most recruits.Then soon after i became 3ic,right when wwe had to retire. Doritos soon began to fall. Then,a doritos legend/pioneer returned to lead. His name was Alfrondo. When he led he made me 2ic. He was a very good leader. Getting us sizes of 20-25 on a daily basis. During the new generation i met some new people. I met this one person named Arch. He was a very great leader and friend. He helped me and introduced me to many things. Now,let me go back to febuary,but this was before i joined DCP. I met a fellow DCP troop named Mustapha10x. He was a good friend,and a great leader to all. He led DCP in the past,and he welcomed me with open arms. Soon,during Alf’s reign, We became and stayed best friends. DCP started to fall when Alfrondo left. Arch and i forgot who was leading Doritos. We were maxing a solid 12 or 15. Arch was trying to think of new things to try in order to get us back to our former glory.Mustapha10x returned as Leader,and Doritos began to rise. Alfrondo came back soon after Mustapha’s return,Creating a new Golden Age for Doritos. Elections soon appeared,3ic,2ic,and LIT Elections. I of course won with 56 votes,then i became LIT. For 4 months i was LIT. Wwe soon returned in September bringing DCP to a new Golden Age. He led Doritos to 30+,and 1st in the top ten. We were all shocked when this all happened. A month or two after Wwe soon retired. Doritos shrunk in size. Sci and Aaron were leading DCP which didn’t go to well. The most they would max is 16-18. Then Wwebestfan made a post saying Doritos would return on January,7th,2013. Tymatt,Firestar,and someone else were chosen as leaders. They soon became inactive leaving Doritos to death.Then Wwe hired; Me,Samra,Carter. I didnt think Doritos would become so popular. We were getting up to 25 on CP. Samra was soon fired by Mustapha. Then he came into leadership. Doritos would max a solid 30 and average a solid 25. We led Doritos to 6th in the top ten. We obtained a spot in the Semi-Finals of the CPAC March Madness tournament. For a while we had an undefeated streak.

People i would like to thank in my Doritos Carrer.

  • Mustapha10x: You taught me what i know today,and i thank you for that. You stood by my side,you never gave up on me. You always thought i could succeed. You will always be my true and best friend.
  • Bam 117: You are one of the best DCP leaders in history. You helped me when i need help the most. You defend my opinion. You are a really great friend and troop. You are incredibly funny as well.
  • Wwebestfan: You were a really great leader. You taught me a lot,during my career. You are also a very great friend.
  • Arch: You welcomed me into DCP,you helped me become what i am today. You led DCP very well. There are many DCP leaders but you are one of the best. Thanks for all you have done.
  • Logrey: You are one of the best troops to exist in DCP. You are very loyal,and you were my first leader. You led PW very well. You are also a very great friend.
  • Paco: You helped me leader Doritos. We fight at times,but you were always there for me and DCP. I thank you for helping me lead Doritos. You are also a great friend.
  • Alfrondo: You were a very great leader. You led DCP by yourself and never gave up. Thank you for helping me become what i am today.
  • Carter: You are one of the original leaders of this Generation. You would always piss me off but you were my friend,and i thank you for helping me lead DCP.
  • West004: One of the best DCP troops ever. You remained loyal to one and only army and that was Doritos. I thank you for being very active and loyal.
  • Luke: The best uk leader to ever be in Doritos. You recruited so many people into DCP, i cant even believe it. You always remained loyal to Doritos,and led the uk division to 23+. I thank you for making our uk division strong again.
    ||Other people i would like to thank||
  • Limu007
  • James
  • Sci
  • Hulkrock
  • Summertime
  • Jubbyd
  • Burr
  • Taco
  • Tymatt
  • Braveboy
  • Kerouaz
  • Kingfunks

Thank you to all of the Doritos troops,and leaders who believed in me. I will always love Doritos. This army is pure gold,and you guys are the best of the best. Thank you to all the people who remained loyal to Doritos and helped it grow into what it is today. Goodbye Doritos.


5 Responses

  1. I will miss you 13. You were a GREAT Leader, you tought me well. I will probarly never forget you, and thanks for saying my name 🙂


  2. 13, This is Beautiful, I hope not to let you down for the future, and become a great leader as you were!


  3. Thanks for mentioning Funbob!

    Just kidding, I love you 13!

  4. Love you 13, no homo. You’re a great friend, and a good leader aswell.
    Hope to see you around in the future, you’ve made me proud. 😀

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