Hey DCP, please click read more and read my post.

My name is Funbob16, Or m4yh3m on Xat, but my name changes a lot.

I joined CP in 2007 but I joined Armies in 2011! My first Army was ACP and I reached the rank of Lieutenant General and Handpicked Moderator. I made a noob army called Freedom Defenders in middle of 2012, that is how I met Mustapha10, my great friend and DCP leader. He introduced me to Pizza Warriors, And that is how I met 13yearoldn00b, Another Great friend and ALSO DCP leader. PW was a great army and eventually I kinda ruined it, but that’s a long story. But anyway guys, I’m not exactly sure what my rank is, but I’m going to assume it’s 3rd in command because I’m owner on chat and author on site. I’m mainly here for moral support and lulz.




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