Comfort in a Time of Confusion

Greetings Doritos,

Since one of our legends Mustapha has been absent there has been a little confusion in the DCP. As your leader I am also your friend and it is my job to comfort you. Some people who used to be here all the time are now absent from the army since Mustapha is also absent due to the fact that he is grounded. People are also getting lazier because he is not here to enforce the law. I am going to reinforce the law right now. During Wwebestfan’s leadership when this army was in the top 3 and even number 1 the recruiting of owners was monitored by Wwe himself, I will now be monitoring the level of recruiting by our owners. From here on out if any owners slack off at recruiting, they will be demoted and replaced. Every single owner in this army must recruit an hour before events, and can only stop recruiting once the event has officially started. NO excuses will be accepted as to why the owner is not recruiting, there are no “breaks”. Owners will not continue to talk and fool around during recruiting time. Every single day, an hour before events, that will always be the time of which we recruit. ALL owners must recruit a minimum of 5 recruits a week. At the end of every week a post will be made named “Owner Recruit Upkeep” in these posts owners will need to comment the names of the recruits recruited that week. Owners will also be held responsible for the activeness of those they recruited. If during the week one of their five recruits goes inactive or quits then the owner must REPLACE that troop. If an owner should comment with the name of an inactive troop or a troop that quit on the “Owner Recruit Upkeep” posts then that troop will NOT count. That will be all, DCP FOREVER!


~Lord Pain, Doritos Leader


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  1. You remember when I said I wanted to be an owner? Scratch that. I will stick with mod.

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