Stop trying to take the easy way out

Hello, Troops!

HSA if you want the real events, you can always look at our post.

Here’s a picture of HSA’s post below…

Thermal invasion is supposed to be at 7PM EST, and it is shown like that at the bottem of this picture.
It was changed last night, when it was supposed to be 24 hour notice which means it would of had to of posted saturday 2am EST or before.. And for the invasion of Halfpipe, they JUST posted that.. Sorry but that will be invalid too, due to the 24 hour notice. If you try to pull any more BS I’m always here to abolish it.

Before I let you guys go, we must hear JASON THE GREAT’S famous quote..

“F*** THE 24 HOUR NOTICE, WE DON’T DO THAT” ~Jason The 9yr old raging noob.

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha 10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

3 Responses

  1. Lol Jason. Such a bitch. He doesn’t know that every army follows the 24-hour rule. Since this isn’t a 24-hour notice, that means that DCP don’t have to worry about these invalid invasions because the servers won’t belong to them since it’s invalid.

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