The Doritos New Offices!

Hello Troops!

With every presidency (for some obvious, and non obvious reasons) of the Doritos, the government gets a new office! Today we are putting the finishing touches on our new offices, and I thought I might as well show you some pictures from around the office!

Hint Hint: *Satire*

Here you will see Carters corner of the office. Those are his 3 girlfriends and his pet dogs sitting on a black leather couch…

Here you will see our recruiting department at work. Yes, we were at one point selling goats to attract more troops. This can explain part of our troops population if you were wondering…

This is WWE’s agenda/briefing room where he comes every few weeks and bitches at the current leaders for not helping him convince girls to pay attention to him.

Here you will see Bam using our 5 star bathtub. (Water is changed bi-weekly)

This is the Doritos Overlord… Uhh.. I mean Leader Carter… You must bow down to him >:D

This is Mustapha.. The other DCP leader.. In all of his glory.

This is 13yearoldnoob repping us in public.. (Note: Balls have not dropped)

and finally, our favorite leader;

Paco! In all of his Mexican glory!



girlfriend 1/5  ^

girlfriend 2/5 ^

Love you Ari UMAD MUSTA?

-this is carters gf irl-



Mustaphas girlfriend:

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll photoshop names on them later for the DCP Nation page!


Doritos Main Leader

4 Responses

  1. Nooooo, then we’ll have 1m pics on empire page.


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