A Message To The Administration of CPAC

Hello, Troops!

Bam: Report to DCP chat musta<

This week’s goal is for DCP to enter CPAC’s top 5.

FIRST OF ALL.. Lately, I have noticed that we have been neglected. For example I remember when we where bigger then atleast 3 armies ahead of us in the top 10, and it shouldn’t be like that of course. And now we went against another army that we ATLEAST doubled in size. I’d say we even blew them out and many people agree, yet we still have CPAC judges saying the other army won. CPAC I just want you to be fair, THAT IS ALL I AM ASKING FROM YOU! If we lose we lose, we can always do better. Although, I will not allow anyone to put DCP down when we aren’t losers, we won fair and we deserve to be victorious! So, the message to CPAC is to simply be fair. I am not saying you aren’t fair in general. I’m simply saying, be fair. That’s it.

Here’s the deal,

If DCP gets into the top 5 everyone in the army WILL be promoted. Therefore, there shall be NO privates in DCP until we get more recruits. All owners and mods will get promoted. Members will even get DOUBLE promotion. You make the decision, want to be on top and winning and at the SAME TIME, be a high rank?

That’s right guys, I would join before it’s too late! You could end up being a high rank by the end of this week!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader


13 Responses

  1. Lets do this guys! 😀

  2. this is awesome i hope we get in top 5 so i can get promoted.

  3. This is very motivating, I think that it is time to claim what is rightfully ours.


  4. This is very motivating, I think it is time to finally claim what is rightfully ours

  5. i just noticed im not on the ranks =/

  6. DCP is currently larger then IW and i’m sad now. ALSO, I FORGOT TO MENTION, I’M BUTTHURT TOO.

    • Stop talking down on an army your in. Ohh and yeah, check out the chat size. I doubt any of those people were rogues… Esp. when they logged on to the forts for the events.

    • 10-15 rouges on klondike!! SEEMS LEGIT..

  7. hi

  8. i wanna be a private all my lyfe – Bennypoopoo now i sing a song so dun be afraid to sing a lung
    Mah Lyfe be lyk
    im a private living my lyf on a knights helment i wear a banana on my nose and if you promote me from private i will shit in the inside of your nostril – bennypewpew
    oh and i just wanna say………………… i forgot
    – Bennypewpew

  9. Madhav4Leader! 😀

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