CPAC March Madness Tournament!

Hello Troops!

I say it’s time for a bit of redemption. These past few CPAC tourney’s have turned out terrible for us, and this time, I think we need to take a stand, and make a change. I’m talking one of the biggest upsets in our history. We must get 30+, We must Eliminate the competition, and WE MUST PREVAIL.

Together, all of these things are possible, but this time, we have to rely on you to keep these dreams safe. Without you, none of this would be possible, and the Doritos would be no more. So stand up, rise against the enemies, and help us defend Club Penguin from evil forces such as the very rotten core of CP Armies. 

All I ask, is that you show for our battles, and take the leaders commands. Then, together, we will not fail, for failure is not in our blood. We will succeed, and we will succeed without complication.

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Doritos vs. Water Vikings

When: Sunday March 3rd, 2013

Where: Klondike, Ice Berg

Times: 1 PM PST, 2 PM MST, 3 PM CST, 4 PM EST, 9 PM UK

30+ and You will receive Promos early!

If the room is full, we will be moving to a different room to benefit both armies! So be on chat early!

-President Carter

Your Doritos Main Leader


(Inspirational Music To Carter)


13 Responses

  1. I can make this event! 😀

  2. I’ll make it!

  3. Penguin257 is comin

  4. wv is kinda small so i bet we will win

  5. HAHA Doritos! YOU can NEVER beat US, ICE WARRIORS!

    Woo yeAh IcE wArrIors RuLe

  6. i should be there

  7. Oh and I won’t be at tonight’s event with SWAT because my cousins are coming over.
    And don’t be all getting your undies in a twist and be all like ” She’s not coming because we are at war with SWAT.” Just don’t. I would be online if I could be. Thank you.

  8. I can make event.

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