Why Samra Will NOT Recieve Leader

13yearoldn00b’s Edit: First of all we are not a tiny piece of shit army. In fact we just returned,and what do you expect 40+? Wow if you do then you don’t know Doritos. Samra don’t invade the events me or carter or anyone else schedules. That just proves how fucking desperate you are. Swat i don’t want war with you. I’m not scared i just don’t have time to have war. As i said before i want to start of small.

Hello Troops!



Although some of you are against this, you’re ex-leader Samra will NOT receive leader for the following offenses:

  1. Fighting with EVERYONE on the chat, without any concurrent reason to do so.
  2. Selling us out to swat, calling for an invasion of us multiple times.
  3. Making a mockery of this Administration, making fun of previous DCP leaders, and bullying the current ones.


  1. She’s joined SWAT twice in the period of two days, both times saying shes going to have them CRUSH DCP and make sure that we can never build up and recover from all of the attacks.QV0rGpa

and in addition to banning Samra from leadership, and any rank above member, we will now let SWAT know that if anything we do not like crosses our radar, you can expect The OA to get involved.

Thank You.

-Carter Doritos Main Leader

3 Responses

  1. Thank goodness, Samra is so Gay

  2. 13 i accept ur edit on the post even tho it has 1 very bad word but SAMRA IS A TRAITOR AND SHOULD NEVER BE IN DCP AGAIN BECAUSE OF HER/HIS ACTIONS!!!!!

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