Welcome Back DCP troops!

Hello, Troops!

DCP just got a new set of  leaders recently and I was made Leader in Training.

I am VERY excited to see DCP back and on its feet! I can’t even explain how it feels to see DCP back and to see True Doritos in our chat once again! I’m very thankful to have you all back once again. True Doritos shall never give up.

Thanks for having me back DCP. I will begin recruiting today and trying to fix some things up. Such as, Leaders starting fights with everyone as always. And i’ll be pc’ing my entire friends list to chat whenever there’s an event because I still have all the old troops added from when I was a Leader and they’ll most likely log on or even join. ;D

Always remember, DCP may fall but we eventually end up always coming back even STRONGER. Want proof? Well, history proves it. Every single time we fell, we ended up coming back much, Much MUCH stronger.


Until later,

March On!

Mustapha10 DCP Legend/ Former Leader / Leader in Training.

Signature Musta


One Response

  1. musta can you please put me back on the ranks because the leaders that wiped everything out deleted me from the ranks and the new leaders wont put me on the ranks

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