Temporary Leave

Hello, Troops!

I don’t wish to explain much, but I will be making at least 1 more temporary leave from DCP. It’s becoming too much to handle, and I would like to move on for a while. I will be back, and I will be DCP Advisor for now. I will still be around during events and help the leaders call people to the chat, so yes, you are not alone.

I will still be watching the website to ensure security.

Keep your head up. While I am on my temporary leave, I am making someone leader to replace myself.

I hereby declare Aaronstone42 as DCP Leader. He has been here for quite a while, and does deserve it himself. You will only destroy DCP if you rebel, or leave. I will be back very soon. Do not worry at all.

** Sequence of leaders as of Sunday, October 28, 2012 **

  • 1st Main Leader – Mustapha10
  • 2nd Main Leader – Np3000
  • 3rd Main Leader – Scientist King
  • 4th Main Leader – Aaronstone42

I hope you have fun as 1st Main Leader in Command, Mustapha. You and I both knew you would receive this sooner or later. Do not remove Aaronstone from leadership. See what he does, and make your choice. He has full potential, and I believe in him. Have fun everyone, and take good care of DCP.

I will be back.


* Alfrondo, DCP Advisor *


4 Responses


  2. Good bye Alfrondo,:'(

  3. alf when can i be a LIT?

  4. Bye Alf. Ill miss u (gay).


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