PB with Nachos results

Hello, Troops!

In my opinion this event was TOTALLY not organized.

We schedualed it LATEEEEE, so just consider this a unschedualed event 😆

So, since i’m considering this event unschedualed, lets go on with the results.

We beat the Nachos even though it wasn’t schedualed. Good job DCP.

Lets go on with the pics shall we? 😀

note: My computer shut off near the end, so i didn’t get much pics.


Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader

Signature Musta


5 Responses

  1. i came



  3. i came

  4. How nonsensical can you actually be? The battle began when we charged into the Snow Forts where we fought a dazed rogue group who senselessly sat there and literally did absolutely nothing for approximately fifteen minutes. At this time, the Nachos reached sizes of about twenty-five soldiers whereas your rogue group possibly reached five.

    Since the battle was utterly boring, we moved to the Stadium as it was a more suitable battling ground. We assumed you would follow seeing it as a better place as well. Just to prove how senseless you were, you moved to the Town rather and sat there for five minutes doing who knows what. Probably nothing. We waited in the Stadium with our army growing. However, since DCP never came and fought us like callow people you are, many of our troops began to log off. Shortly after, we discovered that you were still on Club Penguin still doing who knows what.

    The battle in the Town does not accurately describe the entirety of the battle. I wouldn’t even describe that portion as a battle whatsoever as you simply and only made smiley faces and danced like fools in line.

    Also, you mentioned how you declared that this event was “unscheduled” for your rogue group of “troops”. The battle was specifically agreed upon on Monday the 22nd to be held today. Our army just had as much as you did to notify your “troops” whereas you failed to do so, thus making this idiotic excuse covering up that your “army” is falling.

    The battle was clearly not a DCP victory at any point during the battle.

    Seeing how this “army” operates, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this comment gets deleted. Face the facts, or your “army” will ultimately fall to its death because of you.

    • I apologize. I didn’t write this post, and it doesn’t say we won either. Don’t rage at us. If you think you win, then think it. It was honestly a draw in my opinion, but lets be mature about this before this turns into a(n) dispute and something personal.

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