Successful Training Session

Hello, Troops!

My apologies for posting this late. I had to leave, and I forgot to post it before then. Enough with my talking, on with the results!

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On with the pictures:


Max # of Troops: 27

Average # of Troops: 23-25

Size: 8.6/10

Tactics: 8.8/10

Chat: 9/10

Overall: 8.8/10

This event was an overall great event with great sizes and tactics. Keep it up, DCP!




14 Responses

  1. i couldnt come because i was out eating dinner 😦

  2. Wait, you’re telling me this would’ve got you number 1?

    • No, but it would’ve gotten us higher in the top ten rather than 6th.

      • Well, I think Mustapha made a post saying that DCP was going to be first because of this event.

      • Well, if we are lucky, that’s what Blue said. This event will go towards the next top ten, and DCP as a whole plans to reach 25-30+ at all events this week so we can get back into the top 3. That is all. 😆

    • You seen it yourself. I showed pictures. So why ask?

      • I did see it, but you don’t deserve 1st. Nachos do because we maxed 40-45 at our event yesterday. Thank you very much.

  3. Nice job guys!


  4. i came

  5. where the heck is the 30-35 average here?
    you guys maxed like 40 at the most.

  6. Did not came cuz of homework

  7. congratulations DCP nice job

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