Retirement of Wwebestfan

Hello all armies,

Today is the day that I, Wwebestfan, retire permanently from all Club Penguin armies.

I have had a good run here in armies, I’ve led an army to #1 in the Top 10, and even better, kept the army in the top 3 for over a month, many may not see that as a accomplishment, but from by own views, I do.

Here is some of my experience of ranks that I have achieved in top 10 armies here in the CP army world:

Doritos (DCP) – Creator & Leader
Underground Mafias Army (UMA) – Leader
Club Penguin Sun Troops (CPST) – Recreator & Leader
Light Troops (LT) – Leader
Ranger Troops (RT) – Leader
Tacos – Leader
Navy of Club Penguin (NCP) – Leader

Pizza Warriors (PW) – Leader

Other Ranked:

Ice Warriors (IW) – 2nd in Command
Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) – 2nd in Command
Army Republic (AR) – 2nd in Command
Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) – Leader in Training
Army of Club Penguin (ACP) – Field General
Pretzels – 2nd in Command
Nachos – 4th in Command
Pink Ice (PI) – 2nd in Command
Ninjas – Ninja Warlord
Dark Warriors (DW) – Major General
Golden Troops (GT) – Leader in Training
Fort Ghost Recon (FGR) – 2nd in Command
Global Defenders (GD) – Lieutenant General
Team Gold (TG) – Lieutenant Colonel
Watex Warriors (WW) – Field Marshal
NW (Night Warriors) – Head Colonel



I started armies as of May 29, 2009; over 3 years ago from now, in the Ice Warriors.

I was NOT recruited, I simply found the IW’s chat while I was browsing for other club penguin chats like a noob would do in 2009, so when I saw it, I decided to go and check it out. I knew nothing about club penguin armies, I never even knew that they existed.

But overall, I first joined Club Penguin in around January of 2008, with my first penguin Penigou which me and one of my brothers used to use, then we both made separate accounts, Wwe Best Fan (mine) and Hulk Hogan28 (his). Today, the person who uses Hulk Hogan28 isn’t the brother of mine who used to use it, now my youngest brother uses it.

When I found out about armies, my brother at the time went to the Dark Warriors, which he was only active for a few days. My brother quit playing Club Penguin in early 2010, because he got bored of it, but on February 8, 2010 I decided to create the Doritos of Club Penguin, the army as we see it as today as DCP by many.

In March or April 2010, my penguin Wwe Best Fan was banned, due to my noobish self at the time using the Beta Hat Hack, so since it got banned forever, I decided to make my penguin which I use today, Wwebestfan, which I have been using ever since the ban of my most-loved penguin of all time.

Back to the Xat story, I first joined Xat in 2008, and I would always go to the chats Fishryan most of the time, I only have about 1 friend left from those noob days, and some of you may know him by the name of Hippie Beak,who rarely visits DCP chat or xat as often as he used to.

Back to the CP armies topic, I achieved much in armies, but not all the ranks I received were correctly earned. Some were just earned just because I was considered “popular” in armies.

In September 2012, I became a Club Penguin Army Legend

I gladly thank whoever voted me to become a legend, it was my all-time dream, and main goal in armies.


People I give a HUGE thanks to:

Iceyfeet1234 – My first ever leader. I thank you for giving me the experiences in leading on which I have today, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have succeeded in being a great leader and making an army actually successful.

Alfrondo1465 – One of my Best Friends here in armies. I gladly thank you for being there for the entire DCP when I have retired multiple times in the past, many people may have thought that you were no good for the DCP, but through my own eyes I believe that you did a HUGE part for the Doritos of Club Penguin, and for that, I thank you.

Bam117 – My other Best Friend here in armies. You have helped me out in the past with making the right decisions instead of making the wrong decisions.  You have also helped me while I was stressing here in the DCP. Nobody can NOT appreciate someone for not helping by doing that.

Elizabeth – Even though you aren’t really in armies, you have helped me in many ways, especially by making me also non-stressed. Every time that you come online, my mind becomes stress-free somehow, maybe it is due to the fact that I love you so much, and that you ARE my life. I love you, and don’t believe anyone that says that I don’t love you. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here. ♥

– other people that I thank – 
















-Slim Shady
















-Itz Jazz














-Katie (kennebec)










-Boomer 20




-King Kinz



-Teal Violin

-Yellowie 25




-Both of the Bluesockwas








…and A LOT more, I just can’t remember the rest.


I’m retiring for mainly one reason, and that reason is that I am busy with my real life, hanging out with friends more often than I usually do. Yeah, I will be on chat occasionally, usually on Weekends, probably not on most weekdays though.

I feel as if I have wasted my entire life here in armies, I have given up most things in my life just to be in armies, even if they turned out being bad decisions.

Being here over 3 years has been a blast, but it’s my time to go.

I will never be returning back to CP Warfare, and that’s a promise this time.

For a video of my time in DCP, i’ll use this video I made 4 months ago.

I am glad that I have lead BOTH DCP golden ages, it just shows how much you guys respect me as a leader.


DCP, you are legendary, don’t forget that. A lot of you can be just like me if you actually try to, it should be easy for the people who have been in DCP for a year or more. Be like me, and DCP will always be strong, guaranteed.

Be sure to recruit non-stop on CP cheat chats during club penguin’s parties, that’s what gives armies a HUGE rush in size. You guys don’t need me to stay in Top 10, you have proven it to me before. You are all mini Wwe’s, continue to be one.

Alfrondo1465 will be returning to leadership to cover up my leadership position.


So finally, for my last-words to all of you.

I give you all an equal Good-bye – Stay strong, we don’t need armies dying out.


Farewell, troops.

~Wwebestfan, CP Army Legend

* May 29, 2009 – October 14, 2012 *


30 Responses

  1. See you, man. Best Friend. 🙂

  2. I’m honored to be in your retirement post, you’re truely a legend and you will be missed. I wish you luck in the future. 😥

  3. Bai Dude 😦

  4. bye dude even though u retire i knew doritos armys were created so i went there that was the first army i joined

  5. You did very well, bro. You made a legendary army that eventually reached 1st on the top ten and you have a lot of experience being in many other armies. I also thank you for serving well in the Ice Warriors. Goodbye and have a nice life.

  6. Hope You Have Fun In retirement, we all know I didn’t :). I’ll miss you at DCP :(. Well you gotta do whats right. Until Next Time, Mkll out!~Mkll

  7. Thank you for thanking me. 🙂 You are a great leader and I will miss you. Everyone in DCP will remember you forever. 😉 This army started my life in CP amries and I’m glad it did.
    ~ Orreanna

  8. Bye wwe… forever. please be back soon!

    Sigh… dcp is now going to be almost dead because of this: 😦

  9. When i saw you on the war with the nachos you were a great leader

    and did great with the war with the nachos.

  10. Well,bro you didn’t miss me too much as you recruited as Dcp was the only help i could get as being a good friend of yours too Wwebestfan.:D Even though,Your still the only friend that ive been recruited that i never went to xat before you helped since,January 2012 and i ive been recruited by a Great Leader of my own,friend.Wwebestfan your my best friend even though you don’t know so much but how many retirements are you doing?And i mean like are you still gonna lead IW?
    ~Your 3ic Yugioh the BIG man

  11. without u recruiting meh wwe i wouldve never been in this army thanks for tht and have a kewl life

  12. I am very sad Wwebestfan is retiring… It almost made me burst into tears. So sad. You will be missed, Wwe. I have other things to say; Thanks for creating the first ever army i joined….. the first time i joined the cp warfare. You have been like, one of the best people i have EVER met with. It is sad to see you go. 😦 I hope you have a good life and enjoy your retirement.

  13. 😦 It wont be the same without you. I remember the day i met you…

  14. Awwwwwwwwwwww, wwe, your retiring. Your a DCP legend dude.
    Guess this is goodbye. See ya!


  15. AWW MAN

  16. And another legends retires. Sad to see you go dude. Even though I quit a few months ago I decided to check some sites tonight and happened to find this lol. Good luck in life DDR and congrats on legend status!

  17. The video is sad, Almost cried (wary), Bye Wwebestfan

  18. […] if not all Dcp troops and dismayed at Wwe’s retirement . His retirement post can be found here, .A question to the readers of this post. With Dcp’s creator retired do you think Dcp will stay in […]

  19. I thank you you, too, for recruiting me into my most favorite army, DCP. I’m sure we all will miss you, and me especially. 😦

  20. Bye Wwe, good luck in the real world. 🙂

  21. Kbai

  22. Yo, Wwe. No hug for me? D:

    ! !

  24. God look at us now we all getting mad at people causing us to go at war with armies and I thought CP armies were supposed to be fun and not legit rivalries between people or whatever this is lmao

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