The Retirement of Aaronstone42

Well. I never thought I would make this post so soon. I do plan on coming back.

I joined cp armies in late December 2009. I join IMAF. After awhile they had a pb with IW. They seemed pretty cool so i went to IW. I met Wwebestfan. He pced me 2 weeks later asking if i wanted to join DCP. Little did i know DCP would be my main army for the rest or my career. In the summer of 2010 I became the 10th Leader of the DCP. Then a week later Bestfan returned from vacation. I was immediately fired. I was never given leadership again. Though i even came so close.

I caused trouble. I regret my desicons. My apologies go out to Mustapha for starting that “rumor”. Ill see you all again someday. Ill miss you.

My Closest Friends:

Alfrondo1465: Not surprised to find yourself here eh? Well your the best friend anyone can ask for. You’re here when i need it most. I thank you for all the advice you gave me. and you kept trying to help me get the goal of my dream: Doritos Leader.

Mustapha: Even though your a huge troll sometimes, your still my friend. I thank you for helping me through everything. Keep on achieving.

Wwebestfan: Even though you piss me off sometimes, doesn’t mean we cant be best friends now does it? 😀 Without you, i would’ve never found DCP. Thanks for everything.

Samra: Your one of my best friends. your my BFFL. You’ve helped me A LOT. Thanks! 😛

Cali/Riley: HA!I PROMISED I ADD YOU HERE! Well,  You stand up right next to Alf. We are the big 3. We as best friends have been through a lot don’t you think? :).

❗ Also im going to NW. If you want me and to rehire me tell me anytime. ❗

Well, Thats it. My final wishes are to be kept on the site and to be kept owner so i can join Alf and Bam on retirement island.

Your Former Leader and Leader In Training For the last time.


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