September Promotions!

Bold = Promoted

There were no demotions this month! Congrats to everyone who were promoted. If I missed you or you didn’t get the chance to comment on the promotion post. Just Private Chat me on Chat or leave a comment here. 😀

If you are in the DCP, and you can’t find your name on these ranks, press the buttons “Ctrl” and the “F” key at the same time, and then type in your club penguin username!

Note: Please understand that specific times of updates are not guaranteed. Please be patient.


Red = Risk of Demotion

Orange = Permanent

Blue = Temporary

Yellow = Under Testing

Wwebestfan, Mustapha10, Cul8rsl

Prince Jake[10], Aaronstone42, Scientist[192], Thumbee

32op[230], Gingersnap,  Evildogbone, Coolorange54 (Unknown)

 Hike91, Shaunpruger45, Sccot43, Yugioh

Orreana, Hershey71229, Jujuflower, Elvis

Elvis86750, Mkll, Ryamn1234

Melissa52299, xxToysoldier, Crazy186, Joshua(Wenny3)

 I Samra, A and C1,  Kev51716,

 Dayroan(Waddles696), ICoolGuy(Bluey9003), Kyle75642,  Pup Pup Lego, Sneezy35, Spengred99

 Meow, Lexhi (Angel),  Paintboy3888, Kimchikim, Kingmastarf,

Mcfreezer, Epicorange1, Cecelia85362

 Kayla1084, Rabbit270, Thunderrain, Jubbyd, Jay Jay 5566, Jasonx1998

 Pokemon9joe, Bluej521, Theboy14, Raprock669, Cutietuti25

Tompaegel, Jasmine, Allstarz19, Jujubeans22, theman431

 Bridog10, Wwebestfandude,   Thiarna , Giant Mike, Cochy1000

Netiman, Mario6016, Brod231, Silver9425, Greenofdoom1, Hammy770, Bigman775

Etric431, Chase50, Ciaran2003, Sj31penguin, Alienpup9, Manutjdonath, Herbert P Bear, CPMaster10123, Darren, Game4738, Epicmeme

Kennybot3000, Limu007[75], Max252, Puckerman, Sulley24, Bleedingheart18, Supermario, Hamm Rex, Shadowaj1, Epicmeme, Bigdd3, Mr. Burns,

Bam117, Alfrondo1465



4 Responses

  1. My name has 2 n’s not 1 :I

  2. yes so close to mod

  3. Thank you !!!!

  4. im not on here but I was already ansered so eh

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