The Retirement of Alfrondo1465

Hello, Everyone!

Before I continue with my retirement, I would like to state te past months I have been with DCP since WweBestFan our creator left has been an awesome time to have with you all. I met new people, made new friends, and got to know the whole DCP family again after leaving for a while.

No one has persuaded me to retire, and no one has told me to. It has came to my mind that I would like to retire from DCP for a while. I will explain what I mean by “a while” later in the post.

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I will start off with explaining and telling my story here at DCP. DCP was created during the year of 2010 on the month of February. This year and month is especially remembered by DCP veterans such as Ballion54, Motoxjohn, and 57to. I received the rank of 2ic in March of 2010 when I merged my small army into DCP. My cousin and I were leaders, and he received 2ic also. This was a great experience, and little did I know that I would have a big history in the DCP. Many people have went and came in DCP within just months, but not even did I myself know that I would be staying off and on for almost 3 years straight.

When I first joined, I was still fighting for the ACP and then the DCP decided to invade the ACP. I got banned on ACP chat, and then proceeded to fight for DCP. It was a great experience for us all. Only a few will remember to this day that still come on chat off and on. These people include Wwebestfan, Aaronstone42, 57to, Logrey, Bam117, and myself of course. Right when I joined I felt welcomed. Even though my posts were still that of a 3rd grader, I still made progress and proceeded to be what I am today. If you want to see one of my posts, ask Wwe to give you one of the first ones I made, or just go to the web archive website and look at our first ever website. Even though our old website has been deleted unfortuneately for over 2 years now, it still is a great piece of history that we all can hold on to when we all retire and the next generation of DCP blooms in the midst of us all.

After the DCP/ACP war ended, Wwebestfan made a temporary leave because he was going on vacation, and I was the only one doing anything and everything to keep DCP alive. I kept it alive just a little, and yet just enough for Wwebestfan to rebuild us when he came back. Keep in mind, I was still a noob at this time as you would probably say and conclude, but I wasn’t stupid at all. There were a few times I decided to merge, but trust me everyone, when the current owners are leaders, let me just say: do NOT merge. It is the worst idea you can ever do. Say DCP is back in the Top 3 again, and ACP wants you to merge with them or perhaps IW or Nachos. Just because they have the better reputation, don’t go and merge into them when DCP is in a huge and massive state of glory at the time, it is just stupid. You never even know, because DCP could even hold that spot for a good while and emerge as one of the greatest powers besides the nation of ACP. You never even know. Everything is a surprise in armies now a days, and the only thing you can honestly do is go day by day.

The following Fall and Winter, and including Spring was fairly well. Wwebestfan returned, and Ballion, Motox, and 57to left by then. Auburndude my cousin was still sticking around here, and received later in late June/early July. In the Summer of 2011 we took control and seized Nachos capital “Fjord.” Our reason for war: To gain back our world power spot.” At the time, Billy Mays still was leading the Nachos. He did a great job at it too, but did not even match up to the powerful DCP. I have to admit, 2011 has been the greatest year of the DCP by far. Not only did we emerge in the Top 3 again as a world power, but we also rivaled many great nations and questioned their power and size.

Lets skip on to 2012. I retired and left in late 2011, and didn’t return until May 2012 only because Wwebestfan was retiring and everyone should know by now, if Wwe retires and I am already gone, I will very well without question, commit myself to DCP yet again and keep it from a massive downfall we all would hate and look back on. The following week, the first week of June, I was at the beach on vacation. Everything was complete chaos, and to make matters worse our chat was hacked. I gave Mustapha10 main owner in the heat of the moment to fix everything. He did JUST that. I still trust him to this day. Special thanks to Mustapha for doing what he did that night. When I returned, I added every single new DCP troop, and put what Wwebestfan had taught me every single year into effect. I still thank him to this day and would do anything for him. If he hadn’t have taught me each year, DCP would not be so fortunate. Everyone thought that DCP would die without Wwebestfan. Did we prove them all wrong? Yes. We even proved the DCP troops wrong. We received #6 in the top ten, almost in the Top 5 in late July/early August. Until then, we managed to stay in the top ten while I took another temporary leave for just a while. It was a great experience for us all. Wwebestfan retired to return and make the best of it before he had to leave for good in the next months, and returned for the last and final time. Was this a mistake? No. Was this a good idea? Yes. Was there another golden age? Yes. In the month of September 2012, the DCP for the first ever time in history made the top ten as 2nd most largest army and received the status of world power. We even reached sizes of 40 at times too!

Unfortuneately, my time has come yet again to leave as I have completely lost interest, and I am even deciding to join our school’s Marching Band on the drumline as a Bass Drummer. What kind of experience would that be if I am constantly worried about virtual penguin warfare? No, I have not joined yet, but I will be buying a drum and practicing in the meantime anyways. Sure I might have time off season too, but even then we have competitions and concerts also. I am sorry that I have failed you guys the past few weeks, I am truly sorry. I promised you all I would not leave again, but one cannot promise with guaranteeing they won’t lose interest again.

I have made many friends along the way, including my longtime friends in which Wwebestfan, Bam, and myself were in a joint leadership for the longest period of time in DCP history I believe. These guys are the best leaders you could ever have, and even Bam even though he still admits he has never recruited anyone the ENTIRE time he was leader. Unfortuneately he is still retired too from when Wwebestfan retired, but I am afraid it’s about my time to go to retirement island along with Bam too. I hope you all understand. I will still stay on XAT, and visit momentarily. The chat I will come on most will be DCP of course, but also ACP, NW, LT, etc.

Before I make my retirement official, I must explain what I mean by “a while.” By now, like I said, you should know that I only come back if Wwebestfan is about to retire or needs me. I will ONLY return if he is retiring, in which this case I will return and hold DCP up for a few months again. This is not the only scenario. If Wwebestfan needs me to come back temporarily for a while because of inactive leaders or because of an emergency, I will very well do so. He can contact me on facebook, so there will be no problem at all. I still check my facebook, check my email, receive texts to my phone when users are removed from the webiste, etc. DCP is not going to get hacked, and I will still be moderating it too, so it won’t and will never be hacked. I will also make a point to make a daily/weekly backup of the website. Probably weekly, in which I will do it every Sunday night.

Best of luck in the DW war, but I will stick around for the war with DW and attend as many events as I can just because of the fact that I do not like, and strongly dislike DW and every troop in it. After this war has ended, I will still come on XAT momentarily like I have said above.

* I am not going to choose a successor at this time, so don’t ask me on chat if you can be my successor to receive leader.



1. Wwebestfan – You have been here for me for as long as I can remember. Ever sine I joined, you welcomed me, and taught me everything you knew so that I could be what I am today. I thank you, and you are honestly my number 1 best friend. Thanks for everything, and best of luck with DCP. Try not to have too much fun! 😉

2. Bam117 – Bam, you are right up there with Wwebestfan. Probably my number 1 best friend too. Me, you, and Wwe have all been in that joint leadership for such a long time, we just have that bond. Thanks for being here for me, and thanks for being the one I can tell everything to and you not tell anyone. Thanks. 🙂

3. Arch20045 – Sure we have had some kinks in the past, like when me, you, and mustapha were still in the awesome joint leadership together, but you are one of the best leaders I have ever led with. We pulled it off without Wwe, and I heard you are temp leader again. Best of luck, and maybe I’ll see you around on xat, man. :mrgreen:

4. Mustapha10 – Along with Arch, me, you, and arch had that joint leadership perfect before Arch went inactive. Like I said with Arch too, me and you have even had kinks but we work them out everytime and we didn’t let them get in the way of us. Don’t give up on your dreams, and always keep trying. You are one of the best leaders I have led with also. 😆

5. Aaronstone42 – Honestly, on some days, I don’t even know where we stand. Deep inside, you are still my best friends all day err’ day. You are here for me when I need it the most, even though sometimes you piss me off the most sometimes. You are a great friend to have. Keep trying on leader, I’ll be watching the day you get leader. Believe me, I will be watching.


1. CaliBelle/Riley – It’s not too surprising to see yourself on here, now is it? I just want to say ever since we have met on DCP chat, our relationship has grown from nothing to something massive and huge just within months. You are the BEST friend anyone can ever have, and you don’t even judge anyone like others do. Not to mention you are the BEST girlfriend any guy could EVER have. Like you always say, sure I have flaws, but my flaws is what makes me perfect like you say I am. Thanks, and I love you. ❤ 😀

2. Samra – Honestly, sometimes I don’t even know where we stand along with Aaron. I have done you wrong many many times, such as screwing you over that one day. I don’t want to repeat it or talk about it either. I don’t see how you still love me as a friend like you still do, but I guess I must be doing something right. Honestly, I don’t know, but you are still here for me everyday, and I am here for you all day err’ day also. Good luck in life, and don’t let anyone put you down EVER.

Anyone else I left out, I apologize. I only listed my closest best friends.

On the day of Saturday, September 29, 2012, I, Alfrondo1465, officially retires from the Doritos Army of Club Penguin. I hereby leave Wwebestfan in full charge of DCP as normal, and leave him to the sole position of 1st Main Leader in Command. Best of luck to Wwebestfan, he can and will do anything.

I will also be staying as the position of DCP Advisor for the time being.


What I have done shall be remembered within the DCP from generation to generation. My final words: don’t waste your life. Goodbye.


* Alfrondo, Former DCP Main Leader * DCP Advisor *


18 Responses

  1. 1st

      I’m honored to be in your retirement post. Although, i’m virtually about to drown in tearssssss
      asshole, you told me your retiring in a couple months!!!!
      anyways, i love you<3 homo intended hoes, and i wish you the best of luck for your future, and you BETTER STILL COME ON XAT



  4. DEAR ALF awww you had such a great time as I could tell by reading about your time at DCP and even though we did get in a huge fight but you’ll always be one of my close friends even if you do make fun of my afro and yes I consider you one of the best leaders you’re a great role model to just like Arch even though i used to bug you about how I loved Arch more as a friend BUT YOU GUYS ARE EQUALS ❤ Have fun in the marching band I hope you'll come back eventually ALFYPOOPOOO oh yeah and I care about your white feelings 🙂

    -Love I Samra

  5. Alf PC me the next time your on xat.

  6. Add me for the randoms ;d

  7. ono

  8. ima miss u alf and i wish i was mentioned (wary) but wht evs u were great lead4er so well there a lot more to say but i doubt a comment can hold tht much 😛

  9. Bye Alf I’m gonna miss you 😦

  10. Bye alf 😥 ur the 3rd greatest leader ive ever known

    P.S leader elections?

  11. Alf. Your my Role Model. thanks for being the best friend i could ever have. I hope someday we can leader DCP together.

  12. I guess this is goodbye Alfrondo. You and Arch taught me how to be the best troop I can, and I think I have succeeded. Have a good time doing the bass drums, and live life good.


  13. alf come back my cp isent working i sent a message to cp about it and now cul made member

  14. i mean cul made me member on dcp chat 😦

  15. Good job hon. You did what you had to do, and move on with your life. :3 Of course we’ll still talk, duh. XD I love you so much Brandon, forever and always. ❤ Gonna miss seeing you up there as leader.

  16. Goodbye Alf, you were such a good leader in DCP when I first joined DCP at April 15, when l see Wwe, Arch, Bam, and you, it was a great memories back then. I always going o think of you and what you talk, hope, dreams, discover, having fun, and more! I have a great time with you but l will remember you always, l’ll miss you!
    For my friends always! 😉
    Don’t hate your life, don’t give up on your life!
    Your friends will be waiting for you in real life, good luck and goodbye,

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