Owner Testing is back

Edit2: The Nachos and the Doritos have agreed to share Fjord 50/50. Also, you will not get a promotion if you do not comment on the results post of that event.


Prince Jake: Passed

Aaronstone42: Passed

Scientist123: Passed

Zepher: N/A

32op: N/A

Joee: N/A

Gingersnap: N/A

Wenny: N/A

Coolorange54: N/A

Evildogbone: Exception [Passed]

Hike91: Passed

Scott43: N/A

Hello troops,

If you are not a DCP owner rank, then this post doesn’t really concern you.

This is the 3rd time we have done owner tests here in the DCP, and we are the only ones who do it. Why? It’s because here in the DCP we want nothing but the best owner ranks an army can offer. So don’t take it the wrong way.


= Testing Overview = 

Each owner in the Doritos of Club Penguin rankings will be tested on how well they can recruit new people. Each owner must recruit AT LEAST 6 people within the time limit of 35 minutes. If not, they will be demoted until they can prove themselves that they can complete the testing.

Each owner will have 2 chances to Pass the test, if they fail to do so, then sorry, we will have to demote you permanently from your rank until you earn it back.

= Testing Starting Date = 

The owner tests start on Thursday, September 20, 2012.

and end on Tuesday, October 2, 2012.


In Conclusion, I give a huge amount of Luck out to all of the Owners.



12 Responses

  1. im blocked from chat so i think its diff for me right?

  2. so does this mean your gonna pc us individually and tell us when it’s your turn?

  3. Are there any events on Sept. 27th?

  4. Gl to all that havent passed yet!

  5. You can remove me off ranks, I quit the Doritos. My name is CPMaster10123, on the ranks.

  6. So, doesn’t N/A mean not alive? I think it does since Jake, Wenny, Ginger, Zepher, Hike, Sccot, & Unk are either inactive, or they are never talking when they are on…

    Jk 🙂

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