Cloudy is ours!

Hello, Troops!

Today we marched onto Cloudy, with our heads up awaiting to destroy the Pretzels. We got exactly what we expected. A win. We have invaded Cloudy from the evil Pretzels!

We outnumbered the Pretzels, once again! Even though the Pretzels tried blending in after we told them to change their colors several times. 😆

Pain admits defeat!

Pretzels leader calling Pain insane! 😀 just wonderful.

Wenny quits PCP! 😆

I always imagined a dictator as a mean person. Join the right army, Doritos of Club Penguin!

Here’s the pics!



As I said many times, Join the correct army, not the corrupt army.


~Mustapha10 DCP Leader

Until later,

March On!

Signature Musta


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