Pretzels Rebel Against Dictator

Pain’s own army have rebelled against him, after they noticed his true colors.

The rebels are helping DCP in our quest to finish this dictator off, ONCE AND FORALL!

So Pain’s own troops started flooding out of his army, reseting his chat, and even banning him. They wrote many mean things toward their leader on the background, because he is truely a horrible Dictator.

We are fighting for good, against this unfair leader. Now, even his troops have noticed his nonsense.

So we will continue the attacks on Pretzels, but on the Pretzels that are led by Pain. The Pretzels that are rebel-runned are assisting us against the horrible dicator, Pain.

I suggest you join the right army, Doritos of Club Penguin.

Until later,

March On!

~*Mustapha10 DCP Leader*

Signature Musta


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