Training Results: 8/28/12

Hello, Troops!

This will be fairly short since I am not feeling well at the moment, but here are the pictures:

We had an off average day, but Thursday will make up for it all!


* Alfrondo, DCP Main Leader *

4 Responses

  1. i didn’t come

  2. i came

  3. I was there. Alf, Mustapha, I really want to tell you guys why I changed from nice-mean. No, I am not coming back to DCP yet. If I do come back, ever, who knows when it will be? Well, I know. Probably around the Summer of 2013. First of all, I really want to state WHY I CHANGED and WHY I am not in DCP. And WHY Musta and I were fighting. Well, I really only changed from nice-mean ONLY because I have been going through a lot of stress lately, also sadness. I feel I have been overloaded with stress in my real life. I have also been in some pain lately. All that sadness, stress, and pain has caused me to be moody, such as grouchy. I just want you to know that whenever I am in pain, stress, sadness, yes, this happens to most people when they are in stress, pain, and sadness. Mostly the pain and stress. Well, what happened to me was it caused me to be moody or grouchy or a brat, just like I said. Now I realized that all the stress and pain caused that mood. I am sorry and I DO KNOW that I SHOULD have warned the fellow troops and leaders that I am in pain and stress, and will be very moody because of it. Unfortunately, I did not. I also should have took a temporary break until the stress and pain goes away. Just so you know, if any of you see me on any other xat chats, just beware because I am still going through stress and pain, just probably not as much. Yes, I would still have been LiT and not retired at all if I wasn’t going through pain and stress. No, Musta and I wouldn’t have been fighting because of my stress and pain, and no, I wouldn’t have changed one bit from what I used to be like. I really am sorry. I really do know it IS STILL going on a bit in my life. I ask for forgiveness and can’t wait until the Summer of 2013. Cya.

  4. I made it 🙂

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