Training Success!

Hello, Troops!

Today we went across Summit for some unschedualed training, and started at the Ice Berg, and stayed there the whole time. We did pretty well, and I am proud. Keep it up and keep recruiting everyone!

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Here are the pictures:


Max # of Troops: 21

Average # of Troops: 18-19

Size: 8.7/10

Tactics: 8.9/10

Chat: 8.8/10 (30 in chat)

Overall: 8.8/10


12 Responses

  1. I came

  2. 78562cool was there

  3. I came.

  4. i came!

  5. the reason why i could not come is because u started at the iceberg! we usually start at the town ;”(

  6. Came


  7. I came

  8. i came.
    gimme my doritos bitch.

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