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Musta’s edit: This was on summit a empty server. So there was no rouges! 😀


Server: Summit

Date: Saturday, August 25, 2012


6:00 PM EST

5:00 PM CST

4:00 PM MST

3:00 PM PST


This will be short, but we averaged about 15.

* Alfrondo, DCP Main Leader *

2 Responses

  1. i came

  2. Bye dcp,I know i have scammed alot of you and i regret it i will be leaving dcp forever and carry on but i will never return i fell i shouldnt be here and musta im sorry for making your life a living hell and i hope you know how much i care about you i hope you succeed and take dcp to the top and i’m sorry im to stupid to realize how awesome you were and i’m an idiot for not realizing that,i am also sorry for all the people i have scammed in my DCP career i am terribly sorry.i will miss you all.

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