CP ice?

Hello, Troops!

So some small army that i’ve never heared of tried to sneak attack us and take Summit. I say sneak attack because no one in the army even  knew they where invading at the time. I belive no one in the army even knows the army.

They logged on with a 24 hour “notice” and apparently attempted to invade Summit. While we where logging on for a 24 hour notice training. We got 15+ on this short notice and they got 4-5 on this short notice. When they noticed our sizes, they decided to “give Summit back”

Now, we can easily retaliate and elimate this army. But they’re still in the small army world, and I belive small armies and large armies shouldn’t fight. And we can easily ignore any small army invasions.

Now, I made this post to notify troops that we didn’t loose Summit.

Until Later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader


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  1. lol

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