Guess who’s back!

Hello Troops,

First off, i’ve been gone for little because I moved and I didn’t have any internet connection but on the bright side DCP managed to continued to keep decent size even without my support so GOOD JOB ALF and ARCH!
recruiting ALOT starting NOW and inforcing new rules on the owners such as recruiting weekly. I’m planning on seeing MANY new join comments from the recruits we recruit this week. (Chat Recruiting & CP recruiting)
“DCP is undergoing puberty” ~13yearoldn00b 😆
I missed everyone in DCP but that shall end here, I’m BACK! 😀 I’m suprised everyone was so happy to see me when I was back, thanks to everyone who greeted me and welcomed me back.

p.s. I made this post quicker then bam can… Not really and not nearly as funny but I just had the urge to say that.
Until later,
March On!
~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader


8 Responses

  1. WB!

  2. But…But… What about WweBestFan? Or for the chat the DoritosBot?

  3. Just tbh, DCP doesn’t need you, they need Alf 😀

  4. I Like Pie 🙂 Don’t Ask Why I Said Tht Also Welcome Back Musta I Know We Fought In The Past But Tht Behind Us Now!

  5. Cul we deside who we need and dont and mustapha is the way to go!

    ~Ginger DCP 3ic~

    • Actually, no. Musta does nothing in DCP, Alf does all the work. Earlier last week Aaron was leading alone and he complained to me saying, “the troops only listen to Alf” Well, there you go, a LIT admitted Alf does the work. And didn’t Musta come one hour late for the defense? And also didn’t he leave a battle after two minutes because they were losing? I don’t see how Musta is a good leader. So your arguement is invalid. And also notice how DCP kept their same sizes even when he was gone?

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