Legends Cup Victory

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Hello Troops,

Today we logged on expecting an easy win, and an easy win was it!

Red Vikings didn’t show and we got the victory! :mrgreen: Next round of Legends Cup here we come!

We maxed a little over 20 in the first 5 minutes of event and it was some fun for the troops!

Here are some pictures from the event 😆


Max # of Troops: 24

Average # of Troops: 22

Size: 8.7/10

Tactics: 9/10

Chat: 8.7/10 (32 in chat)

Overall: 8.8/10

Overall great day, keep up the good work, and recruit! If we keep it up, we will be going in the finals! I know that would be a pleasure, since tournaments aren’t really8 our thing. 😀



Until later,

March on!

*Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader*


20 Responses

  1. came.

  2. Came

  3. came

  4. I came 😀

  5. 1337th Comment

  6. i came

  7. i came for half

  8. I camee

  9. Awesome battle as always!! 😀

  10. :mrgreen:

  11. cool

  12. I came

  13. I CAME 🙂

  14. i came and i wore all orange no red 🙂

  15. Came

  16. I didnt came cuz i need to sleep sorry about that

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