U Lead /// ACP vs Nacho war (MUST READ)

Well first of all, since we will be participating in the Legends cup and we are entering the ACP vs Nacho war, we will have a ULead session, where mods and members can test out their leading skills, I expect 25+, below are the times.

ULead Session

Sunday, the 29th

8:30 pm EST

7:30 pm CST

6:30 pm MST

5:30 pm PST

Comment if you can come!

Keep reading for the ACP vs Nacho voting.

Now that that’s out-of-the-way, as I had said before we would be entering the ACP vs Nacho war if we were able to max 25 this week, well we maxed 21 unscheduled today, and 27 vs TG so we are entering the war. We want our troops to choose the side so below is the voting form. Please vote as it is an important vote.

**Note Owners do NOT participate in the voting below, as there is another poll below this one for Owners only.



Your vote(ACP or Nachos):


Name: Seductor123

Rank: 4ic

Your Vote(ACP or Nachos) HMA(used as an example DO NOT VOTE HMA).


For owners

Below is the owners poll.

*** To vote simply tell me your vote on chat, or if you are an admin or editor on site add your choice next to your name.*

-Seductor123(L): Nachos

-Alfrondo1465(L): Nachos

-Mustapha10(L): ACP

-SpriteCP(LiT): ACP



-Zepher(LiT): Nachos

Hurricanex1(LiT): Nachos

Mini Buffalo(2):





Prince Jake(3):


10 Responses

  1. Name:Unknown(coolorange54)
    Rank: Lieutenant General
    Your vote(ACP or Nachos): Acp

  2. Name: Samra ( I Samra )
    Rank: Undecided Rank
    Your vote(ACP or Nachos):Nachos

  3. Name: Yugioh (hobertlius89)
    Rank: Colonel
    My vote: ACP

  4. Also I can come to the ULead session.

  5. I don’t think I can come to the ULead session srry.

  6. Name: Penguin257(evildogbone)
    Rank: 3ic ( check the alf reclaiming my spot post comments)
    My vote:Nachos

  7. Name: Flame
    rank: 4ic
    My vote: Acp and i can come to u lead event

  8. name: flame
    rank: 4ic
    my vote is acp

  9. i can come to event.

  10. cant come missed it already XD

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