Victory on Snow Plow

Hey there Troops!

We did well on Rainbow. We maxed 25+. At this event, we maxed 10-15+. I’m not disappointed, but I think we can approve. Our appearance on Rainbow made Mustapha10 faint. Good Job! I am very impressed on how we are improving. Keep up the good work! I hope next event we can get 20+ again. Here are the pics from the event on Snow Plow.

Chat Size during Event on Snow Plow Image

Snow Plow, Town. We only maxed 8 at start of battle. Image

Zepher made us move into Night Club after a Jbomb.


Nearing the end of the event, we moved to the Stage where we maxed 10-15+




We got our war faces on.



We won the event due to the fact that only one Sky Troop showed up.


Max # of Troops: 6-15

Average # of Troops: 10

Tactics: 4/10

Size: 3/10

Chat: 5/10

Overall: 5/10


Stay Doritos Forever!


8 Responses

  1. 1st i came

  2. I missed that war/invasion cuz i was watching amazing spider man on the pc so im sorry.

  3. Here the times i can make battles i am very busy for the next month,monday and wensday i can come on from like 4-5 and 8-9:30 and tuesday, thursday, and friday, 5-9 and on weekends 4-9 (most likely)

  4. we did great

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