Victory on Rainbow

Hey there Troops!

Sprite here, nobody else has posted about the event yet for some reason. We did win Rainbow against Sky Troops. We maxed 25+ at the event. I was very proud. Click “Read More” to read more about our victory.

We had 16+ on chat after event started. Nobody was AFK, but Arch wasn’t online. Musta/Sprite/Zepher lead the event.

DCP got their War Faces on ❗

DCP spreads the Puffle Love ❗

Pizzas for Everyone ❗


Max # of Troops: 15-25

Average # of Troops: 20

Tactics: 7/10

Size: 8/10

Chat: 8/10

Overall: 10/10

We did GREAT. You impressed me, Arch, and Mustapha10. Keep up the great work & size! Doritos Forever!

❗ Comment for your 10 Doritos ❗


4 Responses

  1. i couldnt agree more we did great

  2. i made it

  3. i came to forgot to say tht

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