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-> Event today is cancelled <

Hello, Troops!

Today we went on Summit early for a training session, which was a huge success! I’m proud guys, keep it up, and keep recruiting! We can climb back up, but faith is needed.

Here are the pictures:

^@ Nachos


Max # of Troops: 20-22

Average # of Troops: 17-21

Tactics: 8/10

Size: 7.5/10

Chat Size: 8/10

Overall: 7.8/10

Remember, keep recruiting. I want these results to boom this Saturday. I expect every single troop, and every single recruit we recruit on chat Saturday, we have to win this, Wwebestfan will even be helping. We are staying on you about recruiting, and you know how to do so.

Some helpful chats:


As far as leader elections goes, I will be closing the poll and we will not have another leader until further notice. We had a mishap on the chat today which caused arguments about getting leader, and one of our LIT’s also got fired today because of this. We will remain a 3 leader leadership until further notice.


Along with this, I also changed the ranks around a little bit, some got 2ic, and some got 3ic, and Zak/Zakdude replaced Cost as a Leader In Training. Congratulations, Zak. Below are the owner ranks:

Main Leader: Alfrondo1465, Arch20045, Logan1860(Azn)

Leader in Training: Wdertg[55],jgkfkjbhb[10],Luke,Zak

2nd In Command: Sensei5673[15],Noa,Mustapha10,Sniper

3rd In Command: Mwc95[30], Reacon3, Yellowie25 , 03583bradfor,Mini Buffalo, Limu007[30], Auburndude,32op

Euro Leader: Alilolos99[45]


Do me a favor: while I am still updating and changing the ranks, please look on the ranks page located HERE and tell me if you are missing Doritos. Don’t lie either, I know if you are.

Use the following form for this purpose:

1. What is your club penguin username?

2. What rank are you in the DCP Army?

3. How many Doritos are you missing?



-*Alfrondo, DCP Main Leader*-


20 Responses

  1. 1.32op
    2. 3ic
    4. 50 doritos

  2. Glad to be here Alf.

  3. i came and i am sad tht elections are closed

  4. I came.

    • I’m sad to say this, but I don’t know if I can make it to the tournament. I am going over to my dad’s Saturday, and we are going tubing down the river with my half-sister that I don’t see very often. I will try my best to make it, but there are no promises. :S

  5. i came

  6. No No No :/ I came to receive my 60 doritos…….and my sic

  7. 1.Coolorange54

  8. ADD MY 10 DORITOS :@

  9. wait this wan’t the one I camed to

  10. 1. What is your club penguin username? Yellowie 25

    2. What rank are you in the DCP Army? 3ic

    3. How many Doritos are you missing? 10

  11. Hah I came! But I don’t need any doritos IM COOL WID IT ALL . 🙂

  12. . What is your club penguin username?evildogbone

    2. What rank are you in the DCP Army?4ic

    3. How many Doritos are you missing?20 ( i came to both events i have to have 50 doritos and i dont)

  13. im missing doritos like my name is yearoldn00b aka wdertg i need them my rank is lit i came to 2 events and never got my snack aka doritos

  14. Oh, sorry, I never comment about my doritos. I didn’t know i was supposed to, but just to let you know, I have 90.

  15. ^That was NBABestfan^ (WARY)

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