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** I have made all active 4ic’s as a 3ic, and those are all 4ic’s except RandomPerson123 and Alilolos99. You better thank me, because this will be the only time that I’m DCP leader that this will happen 😆 Also no one will be able to do tactics except 2IC AND ABOVE! **

Hello, Troops!

I have a lot to go through on this post. One main thing: while I’m gone for vacation, please try to maintain 20-25, I know Arch and the others will make sure of it, but I am reminding you, don’t forget about the Doritos you’ll get, and I want Arch to post the results of each battle. Someone please take pictures for him, and Arch, you are now editor. Remember to be active on chat, and I’ll be checking in on the chat at least 2-3 times a day. Don’t worry, it will pass by fast, I’m leaving Sunday and coming back Saturday day. Don’t worry at all!

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So, the first section of business here are the election results. Yes we have been anticipating this, and there is a 4 way tie. Let me just remind you, all OWNER RANKS are filled at this point, and no other owner rank will be handed out freely. Reacon3 will also remain as 3ic.

3ic Election Results:

  • Limu007
  • Noa
  • Yellowie 25
  • Mustapha10
Congratulations on winning 3ic, and remember as the rest of the 2ic’s and LIT’s will say, with owner/power comes responsibility, do not abuse. If you are caught you will be warned 2 times and demoted the next. Once you’re warned twice, you’re on thin ice.
2ic Election Results:
  • jgkfkjbhb (Scientist)
Congratulations Scientist, you are now DCP 2ic!
LIT Election Results:
  • 13yearoldnoob (Wdertg)
  • HulkRock (Cost)

Congratulations to them both, and better luck next time on elections for the rest of you who didn’t win! Don’t worry, don’t forget about our promotion system too 😉


While I am gone, you do still have events. I have planned these out, and all will be great, don’t worry. Nachos are even helping on some, do get active again. You have 1 Monday, 1 Wednesday, and 1 Friday, and 1 Saturday. It will be pretty much a laid back week for everyone of you, but when I get back we need to find battles and practice battles again. Arch, Billy Mays, and AZN: Please keep us active, and remember, it doesn’t matter if we get 20, still post it!

Below are times and other info:

Defense of Parka

When: Monday, June 4

Server: Parka


:arrow: 4:30PM PST

:arrow: 5:30PM MST

:arrow: 6:30PM CST

:arrow: 7:30PM EST

:arrow: 12:30AM UK


Defense of Slushy

When: Wednesday, June 6

Server: Slushy


:arrow: 4:30PM PST

:arrow: 5:30PM MST

:arrow: 6:30PM CST

:arrow: 7:30PM EST

:arrow: 12:30AM UK


Defense of Zipline

When: Friday, June 8

Server: Zipline


:arrow: 5:00PM PST

:arrow: 6:00PM MST

:arrow: 7:00PM CST

:arrow: 8:00PM EST

:arrow: 1:00AM UK


Remember, each one of these battles are worth 15 doritos.

  • Coming to 1/3 battles = 15 Doritos
  • Coming to 2/3 battles = 30 Doritos
  • Coming to 3/3 battles = 45 Doritos
I have told some of you, but not the others. I will be gone from June 3rd – June 9th, and will return that Saturday, as I am going on vacation. I will try to be on at least 2-3 times a day, but I won’t be on long. Vacation is vacation, and it costs a lot.
Remember to be active, be on chat as much as you can, and follow orders.
Here are a few pointers to remember while I’m gone:
  • Since I am gone and you guys are use to me and wwe calling people, always call everyone in DCP to DCP Chat, saying that it’s war time and giving them the link to the chat.
  • Always be on chat as much as possible, even if I am not on chat. Don’t worry about me, I’m out having fun!
  • If one of the leaders are busy leading, always take at least 5 pictures so that we have something for CPAC to look at.
  • Remember that we are a team, and do not cause fights.
  • If it is an emergency, always contact WweBestFan if he’s online, as he will remain administrator on the website and he owns the chat.
That’s all for now as I can remember. I will also be scheduling posts for each day we have a battle, and Tuesday and Thursday, so remember to check the site everyday!


-*Alfrondo, DCP Main Leader*-


12 Responses

  1. I think i can come GRRRRR. I will never be owner ill never earn enough doritos either.

  2. I can take pics
    32op 🙂

  3. I came to the invasion of frosty 😀

  4. i can make all 3

  5. Alf, I will be more than happy to take pics for Arch.
    I will try to make all the battles, but no promises.
    Have an awesome trip. See ya when you come back bro. 🙂

  6. No fair bro. I want 3ic 😥 jks just being a pain in the ass to annoy you

  7. i can take some pics

  8. I can probably come.

  9. dang it friday battle was canceled

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