The NEW Promotion System

Hello troops!

This post is really important, meaning.. you should listen VERY carefully.

I decided to use a new system which will make less rank problems, meaning not as much rank overfills (not to much owners or mods on and less members). If you do not follow the system, and keep begging me or the other current leaders for promotions, you will be automatically DEMOTED. I don’t mean to sound strict, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


The only way to be promoted from coming to battles: You MUST come to atleast 3-4 battles out of each month. Fail to do so: Demotion.

Way to be double-promoted every month: Come to ALL battles given out, and visit chat and be one of the most active in the DCP. If you want to know if your one of the most active, ask me on DCP chat.


The only way for owner-ranks to be promoted, are to win in a election poll, or to be one of the most active owners and troops out of the entire DCP ranks.


The system may change and get harder at any time, so follow it.


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