Owner rank updates

Hello troops!

I’m here to give you a brief summary on our current owner ranks, and how they’ve been doing, or doing bad.

Greenoiscool: Inactive, if your not at the unexpected practice battle tomorrow @ 3PM EST, you will be demoted.

Coff: Inactive, and you have if i’m correct, NEVER came to an event, yet, only on chat. ❗ FIRED ❗

Sensei5673 (Mr Rodgahs): Pretty active, getting a bit less active, try to work on that, though.

Speed79: …on a break.

Superrr: Went from one of the most active, almost to the least-active of the owners. You need to come on and come to events more often.

Pete: Active enough, but try and come to events more, not just come on to chat.

Puckerman: ^^ Same description as Pete.

Yung4: Active enough.

Teddy: Pretty active, might want to be a tiny bit more active, though.

Meano4 (Subzero): Active enough.

Billy Mays: JUST re-joined the DCP, I have only seen you on DCP chat once since you re-joined, be on more.


So we end up with 1 being Fired, and a few at big-risk of Demotion.

REMEMBER: We have an unexpected PB tomorrow with GD at 3PM EST! ❗


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  1. Ok I’ll try coming. Sorry about yesterday my computer froze.

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