The DCP Gathering (Picture Day) **PROMOTION EVENT**

Wwebestfan edit: The current leaders from DCP of all time that are confirmed of coming, so far is: Wwebestfan, Thumbee, Bam117, Billy Mays, Aaronstone42, Roberto, Garrett1233,Alfrondo1465, Boomer 20,Pain,Shaboomboom,Khimo98,Aninjaboy the rest who confirm will be added into this.

Hello troops!

This thought came into my mind today, of a type of an event where DCP troops (and other army members who would want to be in the picture, in DCP uniform), would be gathering up to be in a picture, which will be listed on several pages, and the picture will be remembered forever.

Here is what I would like to see:

  1. One picture with only DCP legends, and former/current troops who were in DCP in early – mid 2010.
  2. One picture with only DCP’s current troops.
  3. One picture with all the leaders in DCP history.
  4. One picture with whoever from any other troops from any armies (in dcp uniform), old DCP troops, and DCP’s current troops.

…this would be amazing if it all could happen.


A lot of fights and conflicts have happened in the past since the creation of the Doritos, with troops arguing with other troops.. including the people from 2010. Let’s just try and act as if nothing have happened before, this day is to be remembered, and respected. 

Here’s the information of the ‘Picture Day’ we will be having!

When: this saturday (january 28th)

Time: 12 PM Central, 1 PM Eastern, 6 PM UK!

Server: Summit (DCP’s first capital and server)

Chat: (DCP’s first ever chat)


I will also be doing a xat giveaway/raffle!

If you need anymore information, please contact me on DCP chat!

❗ Comment if you can come or not! ❗

14 Responses

  1. Sure why not rodgahs

  2. I’ll come if you want xD

  3. I think i can come

  4. Lol i can come I think but I’ll only be in the last 3 D:

  5. Chuckisthe2 was also a leader, if I remember correctly.

  6. I need to talk to you Wwe

  7. Thumbee ? xD

  8. I can come.

  9. pc me on chat when it starts 😮

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